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With our AI powered platform we bring you an Influencer Marketing experience like no other. To make content creation recognizable and discovering relevant Influencers more convenient, where campaigns are executed with precision.

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Wouldn’t it be incredible if I could connect with multiple influencers who are relevant to my niche?

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Goal Specific Campaign Creation
Whether you are looking for brand awareness, an increase in sales or social media engagement, Amplifyd has got you covered through strategic goal-oriented campaign creation. We focus on achieving the goals you have set using the right approach and the best-suited Influencers.
Get Recommended Influencers
Let Amplifyd's data driven AI solution find you the perfect combination of multiple macro, micro and nano influencers from multiple platforms who are most relevant and impactful for your brand to help you achieve your influencer marketing goal.
Track Campaign Results
Scale all your Influencer Marketing Campaigns and know how your chosen Influencers are performing by tracking their campaign results smartly!
Get Discovered
Want to get discovered by brands that matter to you? With Amplifyd that dream comes true. Say goodbye to spammy and irrelevant campaigns and take charge of the kinds of brands you want to work with.
Connect, Create & Influence!
Collaborating with brands has never been easier! Let Amplifyd suggest you the brand campaigns relevant to your niche. Simply, send in your proposals, get hired, build up your profile and get recommended as well.
Get Paid Timely
We care about our influencer community so, we ensure timely payments. Never let your work go to waste anymore.

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